Comboboost bonus for all Pokerbet players

Comboboost bonus for all Pokerbet players

Get up to 50% extra on "express" bet!

Attention! Attention! Special offer for all Pokerbet Sport players!

We're give all our players the Comboboost bonus, which can increase your winnings by up to 50% if you make an "express" bet!

In order to take advantage of this offer you need to meet only two conditions:

1. Register or be registered at Pokerbet.
2. Verify your email address.

That's it! The Comboboost bonus will be instantly activated. You can check it in your account in the "Gifts and bonuses" section.

What is Comboboost?

This is a bonus credited for an express bet with three or more events. The more events in the express, the higher the bonusodds calculated on your bet.

Number of events and the Comboboost odds:

Number of events in the express Bonus odds
3-5 1.05
5-8 1.07
8-11 1.1
11-15 1.15
15-17 1.25
17-20 1.35
21 and more 1.5

How it works

For example. A player decided to make an express bet on soccer. There are three single bets with a coefficient of 2 each, then the total odds of the "express" with these events is 8. If a player placed a bet of 500 UAH, then their potential winnings will be 4,000 UAH. And if you bet with a comboboost coefficient of 1.05, the expected winnings will increase to 4,200 UAH. Thus, the player will additionally receive 200 UAH to their account.

Please note! The player can use Comboboost only 1 time. When making an "express" bet with a Comboboost, it must be confirmed in the bet coupon.

Bet at Pokerbet for maximum profit, friends, good luck!

Additional terms and conditions

1. The Comboboost bonus is available to all registered Pokerbet players who have verified their email address.
2. A player can use the bonus once.
3. The bonus is available for express bets on any events.
4. To take advantage of the bonus, the odds of each event in the "express" must be 1.4 or higher.
5. The main winning bet and additional winnings from the Comboboost are credited to the player's account in one transaction, one total winnings and do not require wagering.
6. If a player is found engaging in unfair betting and abuse of the Comboboost offer, Pokerbet reserves the right to cancel payment of winnings.
7. A player can only have one account at Pokerbet. This means one offer per home address, IP address, computer, mobile device, email address, phone number, and payment method. Pokerbet reserves the right to cancel any offer or all offers to any player or group of players at any time in its sole discretion.
8. Pokerbet reserves the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at its sole discretion.